At SunSol Technologies we offer homeowners a free evaluation of their roof’s potential for solar. We use design strategies and select technologies to optimize solar yield and minimize cost. A first analysis is done remotely. Our team then visits your home for a second, detailed analysis.

If your home is suitable, we’ll help you determine a system that will suit your energy and budget considerations.

Here are some factors that we will look at:

  • A south-facing sloped roof is the ideal, but we have installed on east- and west-facing roofs (don’t forget about your garage)
  • A roof that is in satisfactory condition
  • An unobstructed roof with direct sunlight and with limited shading
  • Your roof is not shared with another home (four-plex or side by side)
  • Architectural controls in your community don’t prohibit solar modules
  • You are the current owner of the property
  • You are within our service area. Please contact us to see if we’re currently installing solar in your area.

Unfortunately, we are not currently able to install solar on condominiums, unless your board approves. If your condo board is interested in pursuing this, please contact us.

*** System production will vary with angle, azimuth inverter type, shading, etc.

The question we get asked the most is; “How much electricity can I generate?”

 The answer is that it’s up to you and the roof space you have available.  You can install enough solar modules to produce up to 100% of your net annual energy consumption according to Alberta’s Micro-Generation Regulation (MGR).

Typically residential installation requires between 12 and 40 modules. In most households 12 modules will offset 50% of their Energy needs.

And whether you offset all, or a little of your electricity, it all helps decrease your consumption of electricity from the grid.

If you want to get a general idea of whether your roof is a good fit to install solar panels here are some things we look at in determining your earnings potential:

– Orientation: Roofs with southern exposure are ideal when it comes to installing solar panels, south-western and south-eastern facing roofs are generally not too shabby either and east and west facing roofs can also still generate sufficient amounts of energy to make a solar panel installation on your residential home worthwhile.  If you don’t know which way your roof surfaces are facing, the satellite view in Google Maps can be very helpful.

– Angle: The ideal slope for a solar panel installation on a pitched roof is 30-40 degrees. A minimum of 15 degrees is needed for any kind of dirt or snow to slide off the panel..

– Obstructions and shading: Don’t get us wrong, we love trees but they may cast shades on your solar panels that limit energy production. Similarly, we look out for larger buildings or structures that may cast a shadow on your solar panel system. Last but not least, your vent may stand in the way of optimal solar production.

– Roof condition: While shingle replacement is possible after you’ve installed your solar system, you want to get off to a good start on shingles that are in good working order. After all, your solar system may be with you for the next 40 years!