Module, string and system-wide PV monitoring is provided by SunSol Technologies for life time of the system. Performance of each and every PV module is measured and communicated across existing power lines in order to maximize solar power harvesting at all times and reduce maintenance cost and time.

Web based portal allows users to detect faults, gives access to enhanced maintenance and yield assurance, also provides automatic alerts localized on a virtual site map for accurate troubleshooting. The monitoring web-based portal can be accessed from any browser or from any Android or iOS (Apple) smart-phone or tablet using the Opera Mobile or Firefox web browsers.

iPhone Monitoring Application enables PV installers and system owners to perform remote monitoring on the go and in the field from their iPhone.

The monitoring portal enables monitoring the technical and financial performance of your equipment. It provides accurate information about present and past performance of each module individually and about the system as a whole, enabling you to detect, pinpoint and troubleshoot faults, efficiently manage maintenance operations and analyze your site profitability. Smart algorithms continuously track the power, voltage, and current of all modules and inverters, as well as a range of statistical and meteorological indicators to detect performance events that require intervention or maintenance.